Oz tech cleaning

Oxygen Powered Solutions

The days of harsh, carcinogenic chemical cleaners are numbered. OZ-TECH WATER represents a paradigm shift in clean science through MASSIVE cost savings, improved efficiencies,

smaller carbon footprint, and most importantly a cleaning power that out performs harsh chemicals. 

Oxygen Powered Solution is a tested, proven, effective technology that will forever change the way we think about clean!

O-Z Tech Water (Aqueous Ozone) is a powerful oxidizer, even more powerful than some of the harmful cleaning chemicals. It works by actively seeking out bacteria then oxidizing it. O-Z Tech Water is completely safe to use in many cleaning applications, especially a kitchen! O-Z Tech Water is FDA and USDA approved.

I want one!

Egan Supply offers leasing options for these machines. 

$200/ month for laundry

$50/ month for ice machines

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OZ Tech Brochure (pdf)


Laundry Benefits (pdf)


Ice Machine Benefits (pdf)